A persistent feeling of lack of interest in routine activities, feeling life as a  chore, passing each day with a sense of burden etc, a person is said to be in a depression state.

A certain amount of stress is necessary for routine activities or life challenges and everyone has it from time to time. In fact, it serves beneficially to get the desired output.

But this becomes a cause of concern only when it extends for a considerable time. 

This starts affecting his natural well-being such that the person starts showing up the following signs and symptoms



Feeling of guilt

Unexpected weight loss

Low mood


Outside factors that can lead to depression are


Genetic history     

Major life traumatic event

Bad relationships

Loss of a family member

Financial factors

Work stress


Why homeopathy is the best natural treatment for depression?

The first approach for most of the unaware millennial’s today is to take conventional treatments that though can provide immediate relief but in long run can have severe consequences.

The effect they produce is the suppression of outer symptoms which we mistakenly believe as curing up of the disease.

But depression in actual is the sum total of various inner mental conflicts and body system disturbances which needs to be healed from within to address the root cause.

What western medicines try to do is to simply provide temporary relief from the symptoms. These symptoms which are always seeking an outside vent may trigger up at some later point in time becoming more potent.

homeopathic medicines for depression

Homeopathy believes that outer symptoms are just an indication of the inner healing mechanism in action working to bring back the body to its natural state.

The treatment of homeopathy for depression starts with an all-round assessment of not just the patient’s symptoms but his personal history, major traumas, how they affected him,  how was his childhood history, relationships, etc.

This assessment enables a homeopath to match what inner patterns are linked to the outer symptoms. By linking these inner patterns with suitable homeopathic remedies, a prescription is made to stimulate the inner vital force to self-heal itself in that areas.

Since homeopathy believes that no two patients experience depression the same way, personalized treatment is therefore needed which can look to the patient as a whole not just as a disease label.

Conventional treatments may also add poly-pharmacy drugs which may with continued usage not only makes the body dependent on them but also disrupts the self-healing mechanism of the body leaving it in a more vulnerable state.

Further, the suppression of symptoms in long-term may affect the mental and emotional state of the patient.


Some of the top homeopathic remedies for depression are

  • Arsenicum album
  • Causticum
  • Ignatia Amara
  • Kali Phosphoricum


Note: Consult a qualified homeopath before self medicating the above remedies.

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